Textile Market Trend in Europa
Textile Market Trend in EuropaNatural dyes: textile market trend in Europe S. Panconesi - Ecological Textile Consultant specialized in Natural Dyeing, Italy In these last 10 years the pushed due to a greater ecological conscience in Europe towards ecological consumptions, it has influenced also the industry and the fashion. Fates are therefore several mark private of ecological certification, that they certify not only the product, but also the process with which they have been realizes the goods. They have been develops also several European and National Plans, that they have tried to introduce cultivations of tintorial plants, the rendered search of the better one and the quality of dyes. The trends of the textile market , regards two large traditions: l’high-tech and supertechnological and the natural one. The natural one, is what it interests to us, and regards the fibers’ transformation and production of items. Initially it has been proposals crude items, then, also under the push of the market, they have been wishes items more coloring and this has carried to the demand for echo-compatible dyes , and of natural dyes. The colors that are obtained with the dyes vegetables are warm and with nuances particular, but they have two problems that are the same ones of industry : the solidity and the replay. For before it is unthinkable today to succeed in to obtain equal values to those of synthesis; for second often the diversity are a value, but this does not mean that it cannot be produced and be sold these items, in optimal way. In these years the demand of natural dyes and the interest for these , followed much the fashion trend , with ups and downs recurrent, currently we are in one phase of increase. The fields of industry that today are more interested to introduce the natural dyes are intimate dress , to the children clothes until to the interior , fields where more the naturalness is more important and where the problems of allergies are greater.